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March 22, 2012

Thank you for such a quick response! I am so happy to hear that Tamarack is now back on the right track as my family has 4 of your ATV rear boxes including the Titan Series Lounger I mentioned. Thank you for getting your excellent products back on line!

S. Bishop, Utah

November 3, 2009

The box [Titan Deluxe Lounger] arrived this afternoon.  When I pulled it out of the shipping box I felt as if I was being transported back to when I was a kid (60-something years ago) at Christmas.

I looked at it, and said 'OMG.'

There are [ATV] boxes, and then there is this one. Absolutely awesome.

The pictures I have seen of it do not do it justice!

J. Duke, Arizona


May 18, 2009

I am completely satisfied with your product!  These are the BEST bags I have ever used and will continue to always use your products.

R. Taylor, California


April 24, 2008

I have heard great things about your products! My friend Tony told me how well he liked his Rifle Bag and he said he was very impressed with it. He was surprised on how much “stuff” it actually would hold, he caked it with mud, hosed it off opened it up and everything was dry……… ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER. I can't wait to get my own now!

D. Oswald, Michigan


March 6, 2008

I have been using Tamarack products for several years now, and purchased the Titan Deluxe Lounger for my new Yamaha a year ago. I could not be more pleased!! It is perfect for all day rides through the mountains of Colorado. In addition to storing emergency gear I can carry sweatshirts/coats, and coolers of food and drinks. There is even an additional brake light on the back of the storage unit. Tamarack thought of everything!!

Username: "BRAT-ti-tude" via


October 7, 2007

The Titan Cargo bag is my first "real" bag. Tried many "other" bags & boxes but they were either flimsy or just did not do the job. I just came back from a 5 day trail ride in the Kiamichi Mountains in SE Oklahoma. The bag performed just as the website stated and hung tough. No dust (there was plenty of that) moisture or anything else. Used it like a lounger while resting on the trails and was plenty comfortable. Held everything the wife I needed for fun and emergencies. Easy on and easy off. Best money I ever spent!!!

Username: "Whitefeather" via forum


February 13, 2007

I purchased a classic front box in September of 2006. It was a scratch and dent special and was at a very affordable price. When I received it, it had minimal defects and was perfect for my trail needs. Since September, its been on every ride we have been on and has over 500 miles on it and has been thru 2 rollovers with no damage whatsoever!!!! This has been the best box, and I am so pleased with its performance and brag about it to my friends every chance I get. Just wanted you to know what a great accessory you have made for ATVs and wanted you to know how well your product stands the test of the trails and rough abuse its encountered over the past few months. Thanks again!

Susan W.
a.k.a. "Bamagirl"
Soggy Bottom Boyz ATV Club, Alabama

January 10, 2007

Just received my replacement bag in the mail today. Thanks too you and your staff for a quick response. I will definitely be recommending your products to all the people I ride with.

B. McCormick, Indiana

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October 3, 2006

Good morning, I just wanted to say thanks. I received my box on Thursday just as you had said and it was excellent. I used it on our ride this weekend and I am so glad I had it. It really helped hauling a lot of our gear on our 72 mile ride. In fact get ready for some calls from my riding gang as they are planning on buying some boxes as well. Anyway thanks again for the excellent product and also for the super fast attention to shipping. Have a great day!!!

Ryan R., MO

September 25, 2006

I have the classic Wrap-Around trunk, but first let me say it is the best box on the market, I just love it. However, I had an accident where my quad rolled over two complete turns crashing into a tree where it came to a stop and the only thing that was damaged was the hinges on the box, I believe if it were not for the box my quad would have had a lot of damage. It was like having a roll bar mounted on the quad. I also, have the "fuel-R" on front but no damage to that box. So, thank you for building quality products. My question is this, can I purchase new hinges from you for the wrap around? Thank you in advance for your reply.

[continued below]

September 27, 2006

Your customer service is outstanding!!! Cindy replied to my E-mail the very next morning and she also took a phone call from me explaining that your company will be shipping out replacement hinges at no charge. BAR NONE, TAMARACK IS THE BEST!!!

David K., UT

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Wanted to thank you for your product. Your ATV storage box, hard plastic, that goes on the back of the ATV, saved our son's life! He rolled the ATV twice down a steep embankment before the ATV spit him out. He survived with only minor cuts and bruises. We're sure it was your box on the back of the ATV that saved him, it served as a roll bar for him. We just bought 2 more yesterday. The whole family has one now. Your box survived breaking the hinge, and bending a little but we can straighten that out later. We're putting that box on our son's ATV to remind him how lucky he really was. He drove my husband's Arctic Cat, believe me it looks a lot worse than my son does. Thanks again and we are highly recommending your product to anyone else we know who has ATV's. (click here for photo)

Audrey H., AK

I would like to write to you and tell you about my Tamarack Classic front ATV box. I was traversing a steep side-hill when my ATV began to tip, I jumped free just in time to watch my ATV roll end over end 7 times down the side-hill. I had my Swarovski 80mm HD spotting scope inside my Tamarack box, and was more worried about it than the ATV itself. When I got down to the machine - the box was almost totally undamaged. Which is completely amazing! One of the hinges for the lid had broken, that was the only damage, but the box had not come open, and when I checked inside my scope was completely undamaged! Even more amazing than the box's performance through a horrible accident, was Tamarack's customer service, they sent me out replacement hinges at no charge! This box is awesome, it's tough, and keeps out road dust and moisture under any condition!

DP Swenson

I just wanted to send you a testimonial about how rugged my new Front Cool-R has been so far. I had a slight accident on my four wheeler and it ended up doing a back flip. My Tamarack Front Cool-R Box took the brunt of the fall and saved my expensive GPS unit that is mounted on the handle bars. The four wheeler landed completely upside down and I was worried about how much damage I'd find once I rolled it back upright. I had the box mounted with the bungee cords that came with it and one end of it had come unhooked and the box was crooked on the front rack. I set it straight, hooked up the end of the bungee cord and except for a little mud, it was as good as NEW again! Thanks for such a fine, rugged product, my riding buddies are all impressed with it and several will be getting their own soon.

[La Boite Comment: All boxes now come with a hard-mounting kit instead of straps.]

Eric Ostby, WA

I just paid the invoice, and I gotta tell ya....from the first phone call to the return call which you gave me (nobody else does) are the most professional people I have ever dealt with on eBay....and I have over 1300 deals. The woman on the phone was a true gem, she should work in the White House...but then you wouldn't have her! And then you called....Richard, you are a true gem in the world of customer service....polite, calm, professional....I ain't used to this on eBay. Feelin' all fuzzy inside! I am going to make some calls and get my friends to buy some stuff. It's Christmas and money is tight, but the order will be coming. Thank you so much for the deal and have a great Christmas.

[La Boite Comment: We sell factory rejects on eBay only. New products with warranty must be purchased at an ATV dealership]

I've been extremely happy with the hardshell front box I purchased. Thus far, it has been the only bag/box I've come across which has proven itself in keeping out the dust which is so prevalent here in the Southern California.

Brian Kile
ATV Television

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Just want to say THANKS! I spoke to someone last week in regards to when I purchased my front box a couple of months ago it came with bungee cords to mount it, and my friend just purchased one and it came with the u-bolts mounting, which I preferred. Well I received my u-bolts on Thursday, NO CHARGE, and they work great. Now that's what I call service!!! I know what brand my rear box is going to be. THANKS AGAIN, I really appreciate what you did.

Jim Florio

"Our office has two of your "wrap around quad trunks". They are awesome. One of the ATV's rolled down a hill last month and the box was not hurt at all. Now that's a tough ATV box! There is a lot of money in our area and people are not afraid to spend it on good hunting accessories. People around here don't skip on quality, that's why I contacted you instead of Kolpin or any other ATV accessory manufacturers. I own a Kolpin ATV box and it's junk. My Kolpin box was crushed when my 4-year-old son climbed up on it. The Tamarack survived a Polaris 500 rolling over on it. It rolled at least 5 times too, all the way down a steep hill. It never came open and it had no damage. Your stuff is built to last."

Branson Hall
Ducks Unlimited Member, AR

"I have the Wrap-Around Quad Trunk and the Front Box. They are the best and the only ATV boxes I will buy, and the only ones I recommend to all the ATV riders I see on the trail. I have 3 friends that are looking for some info on your ATV products as they are in need of some accessories for their ATVs soon. Could you send me a list of dealers in Wyoming and Utah?"

E. Walker, WY

"Hi, I bought the quad trunk bag and two other soft select series Tamarack bags from you folks and they look great on my bikes and I love them. Keep up the good work."

J. Gookin, NH

"I just received the Tamarack ATV Bag and I am very pleased with both the product and the service. You took the time to promptly respond to my questions that I asked prior to purchasing this ATV bag. I was impressed with your e-mail and written correspondence related to this ATV bag. Your tracking system and prompt delivery is rated as superior in my book."

C. Peterson, ID

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"I recently purchased a Tamarack ATV trunk to replace the soft bags I'd worn out. I do a lot of riding in the desert, mountains, and canyons, so there is a lot of bouncing, shaking, and fine dust to put up with. Unfortunately, the soft bags I purchased (from another company) had either a zipper or velcro that couldn't cope with the dust, and after a while they failed, allowing a lot of dust and sand to get inside all over everything - rendering the entire bag useless. Finally I decided to purchase a Tamarack Quad Trunk. It was easy to install, fits my rack perfectly, holds one and a half times more stuff than either of my soft bags, rides well, it's easy to get into and close up again, and it keeps the contents clean and [dry] protected. Now I guess I need another Tamarack box for my front rack!"

Robert Frenchu, NV

"Thank you for returning a call. That was not expected. You are the 1st merchant to respond [by telephone] to any inquiry of mine! I am a repeat customer of your company and like your products. Keep up the great work! The personal touch and great service that says "wow" is appreciated. As a banker, I understand! Here is a "wow" to La Boite!"

J. Erskine, OR

"Just a note about my quad trunk. Itís working great after 7 years!! I saw your web site online and wanted to let you know that I am still getting compliments on the trunk."

Reid Rastello. Sr

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"After receiving your brochure that I requested, I called in and spoke to Cindy. She was very informed and professional, and answered all of my questions. Upon the information Cindy [verbally] gave me, I ordered a black Wrap-Around trunk for my ATV. The trunk is made very well, and fits my ATV perfectly. Iím very satisfied with its quality and appearance. It makes my ATV look complete. I am writing to let you know that I would recommend your products and service to anyone!"

Sam Fullmer, NV

"A short while back I purchased your Front ATV Box. I decided to get the tan model and found it looks darn good on my 2003 (Forest Green) Kawasaki Prairie 650. This box feels virtually indestructible (but I've yet to crash it, me, or my ATV into anything to test this feeling). Recommending it to all my friends."

B. Kile, CA

"I would like to congratulate you on a truly fine line of products you have in the Tamarack family. My father in law has a black Tamarack wrap-around quad trunk on his red Honda Foreman and it does look great. In fact, after seeing his and the research I have done on the other products out there, I am convinced that Tamarack is the best choice. You have nailed the features perfectly from the easy on/off capability to the simplistic yet solid approach to attaching it to the 4-wheeler to the water tightness to the extra storage in the lid and especially the overall capacity. To me it is obvious that good practical thinking is behind the creation of the products. I like to see well thought out products available for me to spend my money on and not just "me too" devices. You also have an excellent, easy-to-navigate, and find what you want website which puts you ahead of the competition in that category as well. Thanks for your great products. Keep up the good work and attention to detail. "

R. Dussalt, ID

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"Just a note to let you know that I received my rear cargo box today and itís exactly what I was looking for and then some. I canít wait to get it on my ATV and stuff it full of stuff. Thanks for everything!! [I am] a very satisfied customer."

Paul, WI

"I was loading my quad onto a truck, driving it up a ramp, when one wheel slipped off the edge. I didn't have time to jump off, and so I fell with the quad. If it weren't for the Tamarack Quad Trunk's tremendous durability [strength] the quad would have surely landed on me. The trunk's height actually kept the quad from crushing me. I couldn't believe it held the weight of that quad!"

Officer Green, Michigan DNR

"Tamarack Quad Trunks are great sellers. The quality of the product make it an excellent value for our customers."

Keith Nickels (Parts Mgr.) Dirt & Street Honda, AZ

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"The Tamarack Quad Trunk is the roomiest and best looking storage box we sell. We have carried your products since August 1999 and it is one of our biggest sellers! Two things our customers love are how easy the trunk can be put on and taken off, and how accessible your gear is! Thanks for an awesome product!"

Skeeter (Parts Mgr.) Jorgensen Honda, UT

"Four quad trunks and one front box arrived this morning. I really appreciate your assistance and the extra effort put forth to provide these, on such short notice. Your cooperation and quality of service were outstanding, as was your communication with us on this order. Thank you for your extra effort."

Ray Johnson (Marketing Mgr.) Atlantic Testing Laboratories, NY

"Our customers are always pleased with the products from your company. We have never had any problems with Tamarack Products! The wrap boxes are our best seller and the color choices are dynamic. We are very pleased with the people at your company [as well]-very good to do business with!

Sheila (Parts Mgr.) Ashland Cycle Center, KY

"We are quad '4-wheelers' and purchased one of your Tamarack Trunks to hold our gear. We were very pleased. It secured tightly to the rack and was roomy enough to hold gear for 3 people. It is also very waterproof! After seeing ours, six of our friends have also purchased them. [We have since] bought a smaller version [front box] to mount to the front of our machine. It was money well spent. Keep up the good work!"

Scott & Judy Hinman, NY

"I was going on a trip when all of a sudden my Tamarack box fell out of the back of my pickup truck going down the highway. The trunks was so durable that after skidding for a few hundred feet down the pavement there was only a minimal scratch in the plastic and the latches were a bit worn. Most importantly, all of my valuable hunting equipment inside was completely undamaged!!! Even the lid stayed closed. I couldn't belive how strong it was. Thank you!?

Jack Andre, AZ

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